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Bruce Hargrave

I think I have always been interested in photography - particularly wildlife and portrait photography.  From early days with a Kodak Instamatic, my first 'proper' camera was a Zenith E 35mm film SLR.  My Grandad built me a darkroom in the loft and I developed and printed the black and white photos that I had taken.

Nowadays, I use digital SLRs and mirrorless cameras - I have a Nikon D850 and Sony A7Riv for portrait photography as well as a Nikon D500 and a Sony A9 for wildlife photography.  I also use an Olympus OMD E1 M2 for street photography and videography.  In addition, I own a couple of medium format film cameras - the Mamiya RB67 and RZ 67 Pro II  - for a passionate portrait and wildlife photographer, there can be no such thing as too many cameras!  I like to get out in nature and shoot wildlife photographs in wild places, but I also enjoy portrait photography - headshots, beauty portraits, family portraits, maternity and newborn photography - in fact all aspects of making beautiful, professional quality photographs for you to display in your home forever to help remember all those magical moments in your life and in the lives of the ones you love. 

A Typical Location Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes Video

If you've never booked a photoshoot with me before, you might be wondering what you've let yourself in for!  To help answer this, I have put together this 'behind the scenes' video that shows a recent photoshoot with Rachel and her husband Rob.

After a little while chatting to them both, we set up this local shoot just down the road from my studio, using my car as a prop.  There was a lovely evening sky (it was July) but it was quite windy.  So Rob kindly offered to hold the large light stand to stop it blowing over - thank you Rob!.

Watch the video to see how the shoot was organised, some of the results from the shoot and Rachel and Rob's reactions to the pictures.


Rachel next to Mazda MX5

Lincolnshire does have some fantastic skies, and I like to make the most of big skies and dramatic clouds in my location photoshoots.  You can book an outdoor shoot with me at any time of the year and I can suggest some nearby locations where we can make some beautiful images together.  The video above shows a recent shoot with Rachel and Rob (and features my car as a prop!).

It illustrates how I work together with all my clients to create something memorable.  If you would like to know more, or to book a shoot with me, just get in touch by clicking below.

On Location & In The Studio

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The technical and social side of being in my portrait photography studio in Lincoln with clients still excites me. Going on location shoots (whether in the UK or overseas) - as well as running portrait photography workshops in the UK and in more sunny locations - gives me a fantastic opportunity to combine it all! 

Escaping from lockdown

Escaping from lockdown

I took this photograph back at the end of May 2020 and gave it the title 'Escaping from lockdown'.  I may have been a little bit optimistic.  

I am a professional photographer with my own studio in the beautiful cathedral city of Lincoln in the UK.  In the days before Covid (BC!), I ran photographic workshops to picturesque locations in the sun.  During lockdown, (when rules permitted) I concentrated on outdoor location shoots in Lincolnshire, working with clients who wanted me to help them build content for their social media accounts - as well as simply making beautiful images with me.

As a photographer, I also wanted to capture something of this unique time in our lives.  You'll remember that every Thursday evening we were asked to show our support for the NHS - the National Health Service.  I volunteer as a guide at Lincoln Cathedral and, every Thursday evening the LED lights there turned blue to honour the NHS.  I spent a few evenings up there capturing this.

I have an online print store where you can purchase prints of  some of my photographs.  I have recently added a limited edition framed image, the first one of which I presented to The Last Dambuster.  My store also stocks sets of postcards of some of my favourite images.  You can find it here.

Lincoln Cathedral at night - blue led light

You may also remember that, in the Summer of 2020, a comet with the catchy name of C/2020 F3 (better known as NEOWISE) appeared in the night sky and I was determined to photograph it above Lincoln Cathedral.  This was not easy!  Cities - even small ones like Lincoln - never really get properly dark at night (particularly in the Summer!).  What is known as 'cultural lighting' (street lights and lights from homes and buildings) cause 'light pollution' that serves to blot out faint objects in outer space. 

Added to this, the UK weather rarely gives us clear skies for very long and the comet's appearance seemed to coincide with a lot of thick cloud in the skies over Lincolnshire.  However, after persevering for a lot of late nights and early mornings, I did manage to get some unique images of this time.

The Comet and the Chapter House

Bruce Hargrave - Headshot Photography Lincoln

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